UV Pro//Customer Service – FAQ’s

The UV Pro® shoe sanitizer and deodorizer products are designed for use by the entire family (especially of course if they wear shoes). We want YOU– If you have smelly feet, foot infections or diseases (example diabetes), circulation or immune system issues or just plain want to be preventive in your healthy lifestyle.

The unique, compact design of the UV Pro® Elite shoe sanitizer makes it a versatile tool to deodorize and sanitize other insert type materials like socks, bags, purses, gloves, suitcases and the like. The key is to remember that the patent-pending ultraviolet light technology is a road warrior that hunts and kills bacteria like no other.

UV Pro® uses UV light to sanitize and clean the hard-to-reach areas of any product. When it comes to UV light wavelength there are three categories; UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

UV-C is the shortest wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, which kills microorganisms. It works to break apart germ DNA and destroys bacteria, viruses, molds and other pathogens. With broken germ DNA, the microorganisms can’t function or reproduce. This is not a new practice but dates back to the mid-20th century where it was used in medical sanitation. It then became a way to purify drinking and wastewater, and now more recently can be used to clean just about anything from your car or cell phone to most of your household items.

Unlike others, our device is equipped with a UV-C lamp that also produces ozone. While the UV light might not shine on all hard-to-reach areas, the ozone will, eliminating 99.99% of germs and bacteria. This technology has proven to be the most effective on the market today.

There are many unique features to our product which have contributed to it being a favorite of many consumers and the #1 rated choice among scientific experts who judge performance of shoe sanitizer products on the internet (See YouTube product ratings link here).

The UV Pro® Shoe Sterilizer and Sanitizer:
1. Designed as the wireless Ultraviolet shoe sanitizer that works in just 10 minutes.
2. Clinically proven system to help kill and eliminate germs, fungi and odor causing bacteria that affect your feet.
3. Features two (2) Safety features to add eye protection against UV light exposure.
4. One Size Fits All for easy convenience for the entire family.

One Size Fits All
Compact For Easy Travel
Sleek Design
Safety Proof

The UV Pro® Elite shoe sanitizer is available in three (3) convenient options based on your particular need and circumstances:
UV Pro® One Unit
Are you looking for a wireless solution that makes use of UltraViolet light in sanitizing your shoes, bags, gloves or any other items that you can think of? Then the UV Pro® Elite One is the best choice for you. It is a safe, affordable and efficient way to ensure that your items are always clean and free from bacteria. There are a lot of infections and diseases that are caused by germs, this UV device will help you get rid of the problem. The UV Pro® Elite One is a rechargeable unit, eliminating the need for you to buy batteries. It makes use of the most modern technology in the form of a UV-C lamp that is capable of producing ozone and can kill all the germs in your shoes and other items with an up to a 99.99% efficiency level. Since this sanitizing device makes use of UV light technology, the ozone ensures that its power reaches every corner of the item you are sanitizing. This device fits easily into a pair of shoes, so it does not matter whether you are buying the device for male running sneakers or female office pumps, it works all the same. This device has been tested and proven to kill all germs, viruses and even allergens that may be hiding in your clothes in just 10 minutes. It’s also equipped with safety features to help protect you from UV light exposure.
Compact size is ideal for sanitizing bags, boxes, purses, travel bags, cosmetic cases and is great for travel purposes
UV Pro® Two Units
This product comes with two units of the UV Pro® for improved simultaneous effect and is great for home use. It is wireless and versatile and can be recharged at any point in time. It makes use of UltraViolet light to sanitize your shoes, gloves, bags, etc. In fact, any item that holds moisture can be purified with this device. Each of these two UV Pro® Elite units come with a UV-C lamp that produces ozone. This technology is designed to reach those areas of your item that the UV light cannot. It helps your items to be germ-free, and smell fresher. It can clean any item with an up to a 99.99% efficiency level. It gets rid of allergens, germs, viruses and any other infection causing organism and it works in just 10 minutes. Pro® Elite is equipped with safety features to help protect you from UV light exposure.

UV Pro® One Set
The UV Pro® Elite One Set is a unique product that makes use of wireless and rechargeable UV technology to combat bacteria and fungus that causes diseases in humans. You can use this device to clean your shoes, bags, gloves or any other household items.  The UV Pro® Elite comes with a UV-C lamp that produces ozone, which helps to disinfect all the areas of the item that even the UV light cannot reach. This means that your items will remain germ-free and smell fresh. It has been tested with an up to a 99.99% efficiency level, ensuring that your shoes are free from germs, allergens, bacteria, mold and other things that may cause foul smell and it works in just 10 minutes. The UV Pro® Elite also comes with two safety features that help to protect against the dangers of a UV light.

Compact size is ideal for sanitizing multiple items quickly (shoes, bags, boxes, purses, travel bags, cosmetic cases…etc. and great for office and home use)

The UV Pro® is a self-timing device. After the selected cycle is finished, it will automatically shut down. You will know that the cycle is finished when lights have gone off. Come back to clean and smell free shoes after just 10 minutes of sanitizing.

There are just two simple steps for effective operation of the UV Pro® sanitizer:
Preparation-You will need to charge your device before using
Step 1
1. To start the device, please select the sanitizing mode.
2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button to switch between modes.
3. When desired mode is selected, let go of the ON button.
Step 2
1. After mode is selected.
2. Press the ON button.
3. The device will indicate the last selected mode and will start the preselected cycle.

Please note, for your safety the device is equipped with a delayed start. Once you hit the start button, there is a 10 second delay before the device turns on, thus allowing time to move out of range. After the selected cycle is finished, it will shut down automatically. Comeback to clean and smell free shoes!

As you would with any electrical device, you should completely read the operational manual before use. A number of general and safety precautions are noted which will protect you from harm and help insure the safe and efficient operation of your device.

Generally speaking, you can use your device as often as needed. Once you’ve cleaned your desired item, it should remain germ and smell free. You should use UVPro Elite to sanitize your shoes on a daily basis, especially if you’re wearing shoes for an extensive period of time or intensive work out (examples: policemen, firemen, construction, healthcare professionals, sanitation workers, farmers, athletes, yard maintenance…etc.).

Yes, the UV Pro® Elite sanitizer is a one size fits all insert that works on any size shoe from toddlers to adults.

Yes. If you are a diabetic, then you are prone to infections that originate from fungus and individuals that are struggling with diabetes should use UV Pro Elite shoe sanitizer. Oftentimes, people with diabetes suffer from foot diseases or infections and UV Pro Elite shoe sanitizer will get rid of 99.99% of germs, fungi and pathogens which pose a great risk to those with diabetes. Prevention is the best protection you can buy.

The UV Pro® shoe sanitizer gives you great flexibility in charging the device because of its wireless design. You have the option of using the charging dock or any USB connector port to charge the device. No need to worry about being close to a power source when you need to use the product. Just charge it in advance and take it anywhere you need to go.

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*Studies show that shoes are contaminated with microorganisms that cause foot infections. (Source: Journal of American Podiatric Medicine Association 2012 Jul-Aug; 102(4):309-13.) The UV Pro Elite Shoe sanitizer is not a medical device and does not treat toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and other foot infections and instead acts as a preventive measure. UV Pro Elite is for use inside shoes and not on feet. UV Pro Elite sanitizer promotes good hygiene and is recommended for use in conjunction with toenail fungus and athlete’s foot treatments.